How to Get Your Plastic or Reconstructive Surgery Needs Assessed

Reconstructive surgery is often considered as a form of plastic surgery. Plastic as well as reconstructive surgeries are similar in some aspects while different in some more ways.Both plastic and reconstructive surgeries are alike in only one major way. Similarity in plastic and reconstructive surgery consists in that reconstruction is essential to change any aspect of the person’s physical appearance so desired for cosmetic reasons.

A person thinking about his overweight in his posterior would like to be slim and look good in a swim suit. He might have liposuction done to become lean and be satisfied. This is an example of plastic surgery.

Persons with lot of freckles or wrinkles have two options to erase them. The first and simple option is to concentrate on the wrinkles and get Botox injections. The other choice is to get a chemical peel which changes the entire upper epidermal layer into smooth skin.

Reconstructive Surgery is not done so much for cosmetic reasons as for necessary reasons. For instance, a person with a horribly burnt face in a fire might have plastic and reconstructive surgery to restore the affected area to its former appearance.

Breast reconstruction surgery is fast becoming a form of reconstructive surgery. This is performed on women with mastectomies due to breast cancer.

Thanks to this type of surgery as women can have their breasts again contributing to their beauty and grace.

So plastic surgery is done for people who prefer it for cosmetic reasons. There is no need for reconstruction. But reconstructive surgery is for people whose lives are disrupted by the changes to their physical appearance due to injury, accidents and sickness and the like.

Plastic Surgery is, to a great extent, a personal choice for a person as he has wherewithal to spend on the surgery he wants and because it is not covered by health insurance. On the other hand a few aspects of reconstructive surgery are covered by health insurance.

Hence we cannot say that plastic and reconstructive surgery are one and the same. They are on the other hand far from being the same.


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