How You can Get Transmogrified with Celebrity Plastic Surgery?

The way people dress, eat and behave and look makes them what are called celebrities. These people at one time or other have undergone a plastic surgery to correct an abnormality or a few simple lines not appreciated by fans. The look of the celebrities affects us directly if he or she was your idol and you do not want to see them grow old or remain imperfect in any way.

In order to imitate their idol, many fans are obsessed to go through many cosmetic plastic surgeries and feel like he or she is part of your life. We find this in teenagers who ape and become one with their idols.

A few who resemble their celebrities by nature, undergo plastic surgery to accentuate the features or bridge the gaps that are missing just to look like that particular celebrity.

Famous Celebrity Plastic surgeries:

There have been a number of celebrity plastic surgeries as they, at one time or other, had one of its kind. A few of them are more famous that the others and imitated by their own families and celebrity colleagues.

Thus Pamela Anderson because famous instantly with the breast plastic surgery and her role in ‘Bay Watch’. Many celebrities copied her but did not have the same luck.

Another celebrity is Angelina Jolie whose plastic surgery for enlargement of her lips created waves around the world leading to imitation by fans and other celebrities.

Another classical example is the famous king of Pop music, Michael Jackson, renowned for the number of plastic surgeries performed imitated by his own sister Janet Jackson. She wanted to be just like her brother and hence opted for plastic surgery.

The outcome of plastic surgeries:

Having a celebrity plastic surgery look, will, no doubt, arrest the attention of every one only for a while and it is after all a temporary phenomenon.

As time goes by it grows old and even your original looks are spoiled. You feel as if you have lost your own character and personality because you are copying some one else.

All plastic surgeries are very costly and through them you not only lose your originality but become greatly indebted to a bank or family and friends.

At length you will not have much to show but an already familiar face obsession over a celebrity is good so long as you do not empty all your savings on plastic surgery to change your features to match his or hers. That happiness, you should remember, is after all, a short lived glory.


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