Phoenix Plastic Surgery – Catering to Your Varied Needs of Beauty

Phoenix, the lovely capital of Arizona had been incorporated as a city in February 1881 about two hundred years ago. Population wise it is the largest metropolitan city. In the Navajo language of western Apache, the native name of the Phoenix is Hoozdo or ‘The Place is Hot’. It is an attractive tourist spot and many come here for plastic surgery. There seems to be no specific reason for people to go in for plastic surgery in Phoenix.

It is felt that since it is the capital of the state, better amenities better treatment and better doctors would be available for all. There is no other valid reason for people flocking to the city for plastic surgery.

Variety Is the Spice of Life:

Of the many varieties of Plastic surgery available in Phoenix are bleharoplasty(eyelid lifting), breast enlargement, breast reduction, calf implants body contouring, facial implants, thigh lifts, face lifts, rhinoplasty, octoplasty and others.

A larger number of people are referred to Phoenix by doctors for reconstructive plastic surgery for restoration of disfigurement caused by diseases genetic malformations etc.Included in this category are breast restoration (after breast cancer treatment) skin grafting after burns scar removals, tissue expansion, cleft palate repair etc.

In spite of expensive procedures and risks involved as well as side effects, people are ready to suffer pain as they want to look good some how or other.

A strange exception was seen ten years ago when a girl wanted to undergo cosmetic surgery not for beautification of her body but to make it ugly.

She justified her decision by saying that she was fed up and disgusted with the world treating her as an ‘object of beauty’. She wanted the world to see her real self.

I do not know the result whether the girl realised her desire but it indicates how important it is for people to look and feel good to live a fruitful life.Thus the goal and function of plastic surgery is to make people feel good about themselves and help them lead a normal happy life.


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