Plastic Surgery – Know Where, When and How it all Started

Though plastic surgery is ancient, its advancement is phenomenal. It’s history is a century old. It is significant to note that the first plastic surgeon was an Indian physician by name Susrutha who began the history of plastic surgery with skin grafts.

Living in the 8th century, according to history of plastic surgery, he is said to have performed nose and ear surgery to improve the appearance of people who looked ugly.

There is a history of plastic surgery written and continuing into the 18th century. This was taken up by the Romans who continued the history of plastic surgery with ear surgery as well.

We see the written evidence of plastic surgery in Europe even as early as the sixteen hundreds nose surgery finds its place in the surgeries included.

But only in the 19th century plastic surgery because common and it was not performed before the invention of anesthesia. The advent of anesthesia and its applications brought more exclusive plastic surgery procedures.

The first procedures of plastic surgeries were completed in America in the early part of 19th century according to the history of plastic surgery. The injuries suffered in the First World War gave a fillip to plastic surgery and made it more common.

Reconstructive Plastic surgery:

Improvement in medical techniques and techniques of plastic surgery went hand in hand. The Second World War row a number of plastic surgeries performed on military people injured during the battles.

Significant advancement in plastic surgery came to the rescue of people who required reconstructive surgery. The patients were those with cleft lips or palates and those who lost their breasts due to cancer treatments.

Serious cases of burns and disfigurements were also treated through plastic surgery. The surgical producers as well as administering anesthesia to patients for surgery continued progress gradually.

The lat part of the 20th and the beginning of the 21st Century saw a tremendous increase in the number of people using plastic surgery. A large number of people turned to plastic surgery for many different procedures.

Plastic surgeons were involved in removing fat from the bodies, redesigning heir facial features and augment their breasts.Millions of dollars were expended on plastic surgery in recent years, which became extremely popular with both men and women. Plastic surgery is popular not only in the United States but in many other countries in the world.


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