Insurance for Dental Implants

Dental Implant – An Introduction

Dental implant is the most preferred treatment for artificial tooth replacement made of titanium. If the mouth parts and many teeth are healthy then to replace few missing and problematic tooth, dental implant is a good choice. Though it is widely used, the cost of dental implants and the cost of complete dental implant procedure are high. Due to its high cost, people prefer insurance for dental implants.

Insurance for Dental Implants

Usually the regular insurance policies do not include insurance for dental implants. Even many dental insurance companies avoid insurance for dental implant and cover other cheap tooth replacement treatments as per Least Expensive Alternative Treatment (LEAT).

Premium and Insurance Coverage for Dental implants

When you take insurance for dental implants, the cost of the whole dental implant procedure is covered by the insurance. But the insurance amount paid by you is more than what you pay for your regular insurance policy. This is because the materials used in this luxurious cosmetic surgery treatment cost few thousand dollars. Even in insurance companies covering dental implants, it takes a long time to get the insurance amount. Percentage of people availing dental implant coverage is only 47%. But dental insurance should be availed due to its higher cost.

Problems in Insurance for Dental Implant

In your dental implant insurance policy, you should verify if insurance can be claimed for the dental implant treatment in the first year of the insurance being paid. Because many dental implant insurance companies allow you to claim the insurance only from the second year.

Some dental insurance companies pay only a percentage of the treatment cost such as 10% to 60% offered by discount dental plan. Some might have maximum limit of amount to be sanctioned which will be less than the amount required.

After completing dental implant procedure, there are chances for

• failure of dental implant

• damage of prosthesis

• problems due to complications raised during dental implant procedure

Hence before taking up a dental implant insurance policy, read the important terms & conditions and complete details so as to know if the above treatments after dental implant procedure will also be covered under insurance. Pre and post operative surgeries should be covered under insurance as these are all part of the treatment.

Dental HMO is a best alternative to dental implant insurance as you don’t need to wait for the insurance amount.

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