How Much Do Dental Implants Cost

The cost of dental implant and its procedure depends upon the complexity of the dental procedure. Based on your dental health, the appropriate surgery and dental implant procedure will be opted.

Cost of Dental Implant in Various Countries

As stated by the Singapore Dental Health foundation, the dental implant cost ranges from 3500 to 6000 Singapore dollars. In USA, the cost of implant ranges from $1,250-$3,000.

To list in Indian Rupees, the alpha bio dental implant with standard abutment from Israel costs around Rs.25000 per implant whereas Nobel Biocare dental implant with standard abutment from Sweden costs around Rs.40000. The computer guided implant surgery which is termed as Nobel Guide costs Rs.60000 and more. Other processes such as gum surgery, bone grafting starts from the cost of Rs.10000.

Factors Influencing Cost of Dental Implant

There are various factors based on which the cost of the dental implant varies. They are:

• Hardness of jaw bone - Surgery to harden or expand the jaw bone is necessary in cases where the jaw bone is very soft or thin. Bone grafting might be necessary for some cases and only then dental implant can be placed. In such case, cost of surgery to improve hardness or the bone grafting charges will also be included in the cost of dental implant.

• Stages in delivery - As seen in the hardness of the jaw bone, if the bone surgery for hardness or bone grafting is done then gum will be covered after the implants are inserted and stitched. After this process, the regular dental procedure will be carried out which will require the exposing of implants again by doing a second stage surgery. Hence, the dental implant pricing also includes the cost of second stage surgery in such cases.

• Gum tissue condition - Soft tissue grafting is necessary in cases where the gum tissue is inadequate or very thin. This is done so as to increase the aesthetic outcome. This grafting is chargeable and so if it is done as part of the dental implant procedure, the dental implant pricing also raises accordingly.

• Type of dental implant chosen - Depending on the type of dental implant chosen, be it regular titanium dental implant or mini dental implant, the cost differs accordingly. Mini dental implant costs less than the regular titanium dental implant but it not suitable for all cases.

• Dentist Experience - Depending upon the dentist’s experience, the dentist fees and the total cost of dental implant varies.

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