Cost of Mini Dental Implants

About Mini Dental Implants

Dental implant is the widely used artificial root tooth replacement method for missing or broken tooth. But whenever there arises a situation of placing dental implant, the first thing comes into mind is its high cost. There are two types of dental implant. The first one is the regular titanium dental implant which needs strong jaw bone, thick jaw tissues and wide space to place the implant. The other one is the mini dental implant, referred shortly as MDI. If you have to replace only a single tooth or your jaw bone does not have enough width, then you can go for Mini Dental Implant.

Advantages of Mini Dental Implants

• Mini dental implant is a cheaper alternative to the titanium dental implant. Hence many people prefer mini dental implant rather than opting for traditional dental implant.

• Success rate is high for mini dental implant than traditional dental implant because traditional titanium dental implant might have post-operative problems or discomforts which will incur more cost and pain.

Cost of Mini Dental Implants

The cost of mini dental implant is 60% less than that of the traditional titanium dental implant. Cost of mini dental implant in US ranges from $1,500 - $3,000. However, Cost of mini dental implants in India, Costa Rica, El Salvador and Mexico is 35-60% less when compared to other countries like USA but with no compromise in treatment. These countries have more dentists with higher level of expertise (both in qualification and experience) in dental implant procedure. Thus high quality implant is placed by expert dentists at affordable low cost in these countries. As dentist in all these countries communicate in good English, people from other countries will not have any difficulty in getting treatment in these countries.

Factors affecting Cost of Mini Dental Implant

The cost of mini dental implant varies depending upon your dental health as treatments vary accordingly. Geographic locations of the patient, material used for implantation are also some of the factors affecting cost of mini dental implant. Some dentists might charge some hidden fees hence the patients should clearly clarify the cost details before undergoing mini dental implant procedure.

Insurance for Mini Dental Implant

Patients can claim insurance for mini dental implant procedure. About 75% - 100% of the mini dental implant cost is covered by many of the leading dental insurance companies as the price of mini dental implant is about 60% less than that of the traditional dental implants.

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