Affordable Dental Implants

Dental implants are mostly preferred than bridges and full or partial dentures due to its natural tooth resemblance and the comfort that it offers. The main criteria to be considered in deciding to place a dental implant is its cost.

Jaw bone and gum tissue features are also important factors in deciding the type of the implant but the drawbacks in these features can also be rectified by increasing the hardness of the jaw bone and the strengthening the soft tissues. But this also increases the cost. So depending upon the mouth dental health, jaw bone width and gum tissue health, the dentist selects the dental implant which is best in price as well as quality.

Affordable Dental Implants

As the technology develops day by day, the dental implants are becoming affordable nowadays. Some dental implant clinics announce discount dental plans from 10 - 60%. Many dental clinics arrange for finance, different modes of payment and various payment plans. Such discount plans and financing options make the dental implant affordable. Mini dental implant can be considered as affordable dental implant as the cost of the mini dental implant is 30% less when compared to traditional titanium dental implant.

There are certain dental clinics which are pioneers in providing affordable dental implant. One of them is Nordic Smile, a dental implant clinic which gives affordable dental implant in best quality, service using best nano technology, material and expert dentists. Nordic Smile says, “Mobile phones were once very costly but nowadays it has become affordable by almost all the people. Similarly the dental implant will become affordable soon without compromise in quality or service”. For one jaw of new teeth, Nordic Smile offers high quality dental implants at an affordable cost starting from 5800 euro.

Factors favoring Affordable Cost of Dental Implants

• Treatment taken in specialized dental implant clinic will be affordable than taking treatment in general dental clinics where a number of specialists for various processes in dental implant procedure should be called from outside clinics.

• In countries like India, Mexico, Costa Rica, El Salvador etc. the cost of dental implant is 35%-60% less when compared to other countries like USA with no compromise in quality or service.

• If unnecessary expense is reduced and cost-efficiency is maintained during production in the manufacturing unit of the dental implants, then dental implant cost will also become reasonable and affordable. Many dental clinics are aiming at reducing this unnecessary expense in production cost.

• In the product supply chain where the dental implant products reach the dentist from the manufacturer, care should be taken that there are no middlemen who increase the cost of the dental implant products to take a share of profit for themselves. Many dental clinics including Nordic Smile are avoiding middle men so as to reduce the cost levied on Patients.

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