Cosmetic Dental Implants

Dental implants play a major role in bringing back appearance and function of natural teeth; hence it is called as cosmetic dental implants. Cosmetic dental implants make physical transformations just like natural. The tooth replaced looks like natural tooth.

Kinds of Dental Implant

There are three types of cosmetic dental implant. They are discussed below:

Root form Implant

This root tooth shaped implant looks like a screw. This frequently used cosmetic dental implant can be fixed only if the jaw bone has sufficient width and depth as root form implant needs more space than any other implant. If the space is insufficient or narrow, then by bone grafting required space is made. Cosmetic dental implant procedure is then carried out. Healing time of this implant takes three to six months depending on your health.

Plate form Implant

In certain cases, the place where the cosmetic dental implant is to be placed is too narrow in such a way that even if bone grafting is done the place formed is insufficient to fix root form implant. It looks flat and long in shape. So it suits well if the jawbone is narrow. In such cases, bone grafting is not done and plate form cosmetic dental implant is fixed using the regular dental implant procedure. It does not need long time to heal. In some cases with good health, implant restoration is done immediately.

Subperiosteal Implant

The Subperiosteal implant is used in places where root form implant and plate form implant cannot be used due to insufficient space. It is also placed under the gums to rest on the top of the jaw bone but it is custom made and designed so as to fit in the space available. As the space for fixing the implant is too small, Subperiosteal implant provides two special methods to perform the implant in the available space. In first method, the impression of the jaw bone is taken once the jaw bone is exposed. Dental laboratory then makes a custom-fit implant and cosmetic dental implant procedure is then carried out. In second method, a CAT scan of the jaw bone is taken and by using the latest computer modeling techniques, a custom- fit model of the jaw bone is created and cosmetic dental implant procedure is then carried out.

Cosmetic Dental Implant Procedure

After choosing one of the above implants and creating sufficient place, the dental implant procedure is carried out step by step. After giving local anesthesia, flap surgery is done to make a flap on the gums and then osteotomy process of drilling the jaw bone is carried out. Cosmetic dental implant is then set in place and flaps closed. If multiple implants are to be placed, then corresponding number of incisions and bone preparations for placing the implant is done. Once healed, in the restoration process, abutment is attached.

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