Cheapest Dental Implants

Dental Implant is a costly product in dental replacements. The whole dental implant procedure consists of many processes and surgeries hence total cost includes cost of each of the processes / surgeries undergone. Depending on your dental health, the number of processes might get increased thereby increasing the cost.

Factors favoring Cheapest Dental Implants

• Dental Implant treatment should be undergone in dental clinics specialized for dental implants. If is done in general dental clinics then dental implant specialists should be brought from outside which will cost more. Similarly the dentists in dental implant clinics will have expertise in all the processes and surgeries whereas if treatment is done in general clinics, then they will bring one specialist for each process / surgery involved in dental implant procedure which will increase much more dentist charges. In dental implant clinics, the surgery is performed by periodontist or an oral surgeon and the implant restoration is done by prosthodontist and so the specialists involved is limited.

• Before deciding to undergo treatment in a dental implant clinic, get a second opinion from another dentist specialized in dental implant procedure and also get second opinion on price.

• The location of the dental implant clinic is also a major factor causing increase in cost. But if the treatment is done in countries like India, Mexico etc. the cost of dental implant is very less by 35-60% without any compromise in quality or expertise treatment. Even after paying the dental implant cost and the travelling cost, it would be beneficiary for the patients.

• If you wanted a single tooth implant then mini dental implant is preferable as the cost is reduced by 30%.

• After deciding on how many teeth have to be treated, discuss with the dentist to decide on a cost effective i.e., cheapest method.

• Some dental clinics offer discounts in a specific period of time for dental implant treatment.

Risks in Cheapest Dental Implants

Though you try out various ways to reduce cost, there are certain risks in choosing a cheapest dental implant. They are discussed below:

• The dentist might not be a well experienced / expertise person. He might not have done successful dental implants in his career. Hence he might offer discounts / cheaper rates for dental implants. Always ensure that your dentist is a member in one of the following: AO, AAID, and ICOI.

• The material used for the dental implant might not be of good quality.

• Proper treatment might not be given and proper restoration will not be done after healing.

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