Alternative to Dental Implants

Dental implants replace missing tooth to avoid bone loss. However dental implants are not the only solution for missing tooth. You have other alternatives as well. This article discusses these alternatives to dental implants.

Constraints for Placing Dental Implants

To do dental implants, you should meet the constraints listed below:

• You should have good health.

• You need to have healthy gums.

• There should be enough jaw bone to sustain the implant being placed.

• Regular and frequent dental visits should be done.

• Dental hygiene should be maintained.

• You should not have diabetes as it takes a long time to heal after dental implant surgery.

• You should not be a smoker as smokers are easily infected by gum diseases and so they have weak gums and bone tissue.

If you do not meet any of these constraints then you cannot undergo dental implants. If you still want a replacement for your missing teeth, then you can choose one of the following alternatives:

Alternative to Dental Implants:

Partial dentures, full dentures and bridges are alternatives to dental implants.

Partial Dentures: Partial denture is suitable for people who have lost parts of their natural teeth and need artificial tooth replacement. If some part of the missing or broken natural teeth is available, then artificial tooth placed on a plastic base termed partial denture can be fixed in the place of the missing teeth with the help of special attachments such as clips, metal clasps etc. which affixes the artificial tooth to the existing part of the natural tooth.

Bridges: Artificial tooth supported by crowns is termed bridges. It is termed so because if a tooth is missing between two natural teeth then this artificial tooth which is available in the same size, shape and color of the natural tooth is fixed in between them with the neighboring teeth as anchor. It is custom-made with porcelain material which is strong and durable. Hence it gets fixed perfectly and favors proper alignment of the neighboring natural teeth.

Full Denture: People who have lost almost all of their teeth and need removable restoration option prefer full denture. As almost all the teeth are needed to be restored, the full artificial teeth set is placed on a supporting piece resembling gums so that it can be fixed easily and resemble like natural teeth. It is usually a plastic denture or ceramic porcelain denture. If denture is fixed, it can be continuously used even after replacing and relining. As it is removable, it can be cleaned easily and taken out when not necessary for example while sleeping.

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