Dental Implants Before and After

Dental implantation is all about artificial tooth root replacement to normal tooth. Tabular column given below illustrates on what happens before and after a dental implant taking into consideration different cases.

Before Dental Implants Treatment Given After Dental Implants
Patient is missing a single tooth.

Dental implant is done. After it heals, porcelain crown / all ceramic crown / integrated abutment crown is placed depending upon the requirement and then the implant is restored. It resembles natural tooth and fits exactly with the existing tooth. No vacant space is seen.
Patient has upper central incisor mobility with pain due to fracture. Fracture is cured using dental implants, porcelain veneers and crowns. Fracture cured and the patient does not have any pain.
Patient has broken baby tooth, decayed tooth and gum disease. Gum disease is cured, decayed tooth is removed and the dental implant is placed. Patient has perfect tooth now.
Patient has a tooth that is irregular in position due to fracture of both central incisors.

Orthodontic treatment done and aesthetics is corrected. The masticatory function is thus improved and functional aspect of treatment is also carried out and corrected. After this treatment is over, dental implant is placed and after healing time is over, porcelain crowns are added. Tooth position rectified and the patient has got back his natural facial appearance.
Patient has upper and lower arch rehabilitation in the teeth. Denture supported by dental implants is placed in the upper part of the mouth and implants are placed on the lower part with crowns on top of it. Patient can chew food. Upper arch rehabilitation supports facial tissue.
Patient is missing multiple teeth in lateral incisor. Required number of dental implants placed, restored and integrated abutment crown placement is done. Missing teeth are replaced.
Patient has loose denture and sticky adhesives leading to frustration as it is uncomfortable while eating and speaking. Retention of dentures is done by placing the implants. Palate need not be covered. Patient is now comfortable while eating and speaking as it is perfectly fixed.
Patient had a root canal treated tooth with a bridge attached but failed. Two dental implants are done followed by two different integrated abutment crown placement. Problems cured and patient is comfortable.

Several bridges associated with many root canal treated teeth failed. 13 different implantations are done to replace the upper teeth and individual integrated abutment crowns are placed. Entire upper teeth are replaced.

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