Reconstructive foot surgery

The main purpose of a reconstructive foot surgery is to restore the functionality of the foot and to rectify any problems of the foot.

A reconstructive foot surgery can also be done to rectify the defects that might happen due to a previous foot surgery for rectifying some other problem.

Reconstructive foot surgery involves realigning the bones in the foot so that the foot looks normal after the reconstructive foot surgery.

Take for example the foot with a bunion. If bunion is present in the foot the foot may not be in proper shape. The sides of the foot may protrude giving a different look that is not appreciated by many.

The presence of a bunion in the foot may give pain to the person having it moreover they could not wear the standard size shoes. For these reasons a reconstructive foot surgery to treat bunion is done. After a reconstructive foot surgery to treat bunion the foot looks straight and normal.

Scarring is possible at the sides of the foot due to the reconstructive foot surgery that was done. If the patient wants to remove scars then she can go for a cosmetic foot surgery that can conceal the scars of the foot and it is very hard to find that a surgery was done on the foot.

Reconstructive foot surgery is also done for cosmetic reasons. There are many people around the world who are behind the fashion trends that keep on changing from time to time.

Wearing sleek shoes with pointed toes are fashion for some people and they find it very hard to wear those high end shoes if their toes are large.

These shoes might not fit their toes. Just to wear these shoes there are people who go for a reconstructive foot surgery that enables them to wear these high end high heels.

Statistics reveal that more women are after reconstructive cosmetic foot surgery than men. Increasing number of people is after such reconstructive cosmetic foot surgery.

Feet that have hammer toes are also treated with a reconstructive foot surgery. Recovery from a reconstructive foot surgery is usually 3 to 6 weeks and it depends on the type of surgery that the patient undergoes.

There are many websites that give you information on the reconstructive foot surgery. You can visit these websites prior to visiting your surgeon so that you can clarify a lot of issues related to the reconstructive foot surgery.


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