Flat foot surgery

The arch of your foot touches the ground if you have flat foot. This is known as Pes planus. This condition may be acquired by an adult and it can be there during birth itself.

Every person should have developed the arches in their foot by the time they grow into an adult. If it does not then the person is said to have flat foot.

This condition of flat foot is mostly found in infants and toddlers. This can be treated easily with a flat foot surgery. A flat foot surgery is not required for all the people who have flat foot.

People who have painless flat foot need not go for a flat foot surgery. Before a flat foot surgery the foot of the patient is examined by an experienced surgeon. The cause of the flat foot is determined.

Under certain conditions during a diagnosis a CT scan or an MRI scan may be recommended before undergoing a flat foot surgery. The patient’s feet can be flexible or rigid.

Depending on that a treatment for flat foot is given to the patient. A flat foot surgery is avoided in patients who have flexible flat foot. Such patients are recommended to have inserts in their shoes so that there is no pain even if they walk or run for a long time.

Painful rigid flat feet might require a flat foot surgery. it is better to check you feet with your surgeon to identify the exact problem. A flat foot surgery may be required to work on the tendon and to set it right.

Fusing tendon joints, cleaning the tendon and repairing the tendon are some of the tasks that are carried out in a flat foot surgery.

If a person having flexible flat feet stands on his toes he might see the arch in the foot. In some persons who have flat foot even standing on the toes might not reveal an arch.

This could be due to some other conditions. For more details on these you have to check with your surgeon. A condition called tarsal coalition is found in many children.

Bones in the foot are fused together and restrict the motion of the foot in a tarsal coalition. You can find the presence of flat foot in a person if the arch is not present in the foot and there is pain in the foot.

The heel of such person tends to move away from the midline of the body. Without a flat foot surgery most of the flat foot is treated. The flat foot surgery is considered to the last option and is only used to treat if all the other treatments do not give the desired result.


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