Foot ankle surgery

A foot ankle surgery is perfomed to treat many of the diseases of the foot that are caused due to heredity, infections, traumatic, and acquired in nature.

A foot ankle surgery would be the last resort in any treatment since the changes the are done to the foot and the ankle are permanent.

It is not possible to reverse the treatment done by a surgery. Hence a surgeon would properly diagnose and the decide upon the type of treatment that is to be given for a patient. Wearing an improper footwear would also cause many problems in your foot.

If left unattended the problem complicate and a foot ankle surgery has to be done to rectify that problem. Acquired problems like that may also increase due to aging.

Physical stress might also be the cause for the acquired problems. Problems like sprain and fracture come under the category of traumatic problems. These also have to be treated by a foot ankle surgery.

Benigh or malignant tumors may also be caused in the foot and the ankle which might also lead to a foot ankle surgery for treatment. Latest techniques are used in foot ankle treatments in clinics across the country.

You can approach these clinics for more information on the foot surgery that can be performed for your problem. Cosmetic foot ankle surgery is also performed for some people who want to change the contours of their feet to suit a particular footwear.

Though it may sound odd, there are people who go for such cosmetic foot surgery. Statistics show that more women approach the podiatrists for such cosmetic foot surgery.

The consultant is discussed in detail about the foot ankle surgery and the patient is diagnosed for any complications after a surgery. The need for the foot ankle surgery is evaluated properly and then a decision is made to perform a surgery.

Treatment for the foot and the ankle is given without a surgery and the results are observed. If there is any improvement the treatment is continued, otherwise a surgery is recommended.

Surgery is not the best approach for any treatment. The podiatrist will evaluate a disease and see whether the problem can be rectified without a foot ankle surgery.

If it can be done then that approach is taken. Local anesthesia or a light anesthesia is given for a foot ankle surgery. This does not require hospitalization of the patient.

After a surgery the patient is required to wear special surgical shoes or open sandal. In some patients bandage or splint is used. Special should be taken after a foot ankle surgery to avoid any future problems.


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