Foot surgery recovery

Foot surgery recovery varies with the type of foot surgery done for the patient. A podiatrist may recommend a surgery if there is a need to correct nail problems, bunions, hammertoes, wart removal, tumors that are benign and tendon surgeries.

The type of foot surgery recommended is done after thoroughly examining the patient and if there is no alternative to the foot surgery.

Deformities in the nail also called the spurs can be removed in an office environment of the surgeon. Foot surgery recovery for the removal of spurs is fast.

During the foot surgery recovery period after the operation for the spurs the patient can bear the whole weight of the body in the foot.

During the foot surgery recovery time the patient might be required to visit the podiatrist as recommended by him. During these visits the healing process of the foot is checked and the foot is also checked for any bleeding that might occur.

Foot surgery for bunions are also common and the foot surgery recovery period for the operations on the bunions will take anywhere between 3 to 6 weeks.

During the foot surgery recovery from the bunion operation the patient might be recommended to use splints and walking shoe and cast below the knee. In some patients the toes might look like a claw and this condition is called the hammertoes.

A foot surgery for treating hammertoes is also common. After a foot surgery for hammertoes the recovery time would be around 4 weeks. Foot surgery for treating plantar warts is also done. These types of warts are caused by virus.

Foot surgical procedures for treating plantar warts are very simple. After the foot surgery the recovery from it is fast. There is no guarantee that the plantar warts might not appear again.

As with other viral infections there is chance for the recurring of the plantar warts. Tumors found in the toes are also treated with foot surgery.

Recovery from such surgery is also quick. The patient can walk immediately after the surgery. Repeated visits to the surgeon may be required for treating these tumors.

Moreover the dressings have to be change during the foot surgery recovery. Other conditions like ganglions in which there are fluid filled sacs in the foot.

As with the surgery for neuromas foot surgery recovery includes the changing of the dressing during the visits to the surgeon’s clinic. Foot surgery for treating heel spurs requires the use of crutches during recovery. For about two weeks there may be a need to use them.


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