Foot plastic surgery

Foot plastic surgery is performed on a foot for cosmetic reasons. It is wise to go for a change in the preference of the footwear than going for a foot plastic surgery.

A foot plastic surgery is done mostly by women who would like to wear high end footwear like Jimmy Choo’s. Pointed models of footwear are difficult to wear by women who have larger toes.

If the women’s toes are pointed to some extent they can go for a foot plastic surgery so that they can wear those preferred footwear.

But after a surgery like that they may not be able to wear the normal footwear. Hence you have to think twice before going for foot plastic surgery like a toe amputation surgery.

In this type of surgery the toe is split and the bones are removed so that it becomes flexible to wear the pointed footwear. Air circulation is necessary in the toes.

Avoid wearing any tight toed footwear which prevents circulation of air in that area. It is may cause some infection and will affect the toes in the long run.

Another type of foot plastic surgery that is done is the injection of collagen in to the balls of the foot. In this surgery collagen is injected in to the balls.

Although it is possible to fit some cushion in the balls and wear footwear, some people go for a collagen injection foot plastic surgery. In the long run it is not worth.

For person who have their balls of the feet worn out, they can go for this type of foot plastic surgery. For long term results a new material has to be invented in the place of collagen.

Such research would prevent this type of foot plastic surgery so that balls of feet from new materials can be attached to the foot wear itself.The long term benefit of having a foot plastic surgery has to be evaluated and then you can go for a plastic foot surgery.

Researches around the world suggest that it is not wise to go for a plastic foot surgery like the toe amputation surgery and collagen injection in the balls of the foot.

It is found that most of the foot plastic surgery like this is a failure and there are issues regarding this. Always consult a plastic surgeon before you decide on such an operation.

Some people are advised to change their preferences rather than going for a foot plastic surgery. In case of necessity you can go for such surgeries.


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