Foot surgery procedure

A foot surgery procedure is a sequence of steps that is performed for treating a foot condition. Foot surgery is used to treat many problems related to the foot and some of the surgical procedures are used for cosmetic treatment of the foot.

Hammertoes are a condition in which the bones of the foot look like the claws. These buckles in the toes are treated with a surgery that involves correction of a soft tissue or removal of a segment of bone. Such a foot surgery procedure can be done in a clinic or a hospital or the office of the surgeon.

After a foot surgery like soft tissue or tendon the patient is required to wear a shoe for about a week to recover from the surgery. In case of a bone removal the patient has to wear a shoe for 3 to 4 weeks after the foot surgery procedure.

Foot surgery procedure is also used to remove small nail deformities such as bone spurs under the nail. Following a foot surgery procedure the patient would be able to bear with the pressure that is applied to the foot due to your weight.

One or two visits after a foot surgery procedure like this are necessary to ensure that there is no bleeding. This will enable faster recovery from the foot surgery procedure.

Infections in the nail caused due to a fungus are also treated using foot surgeries. In some persons there would be a growth of the bone under the big toes due to which the toes would be bent inwards.

These are called bunions. Foot surgery procedure to treat bunions is done only with the consent of the patient. The person affected has to decide whether a foot surgery procedure is necessary to treat bunions.

Some persons do not go for a surgery until they feel the pain in the toes. With the use of a proper shoe they would avoid surgery for bunions.

Plantar warts are also treated using foot surgery procedure. After the removal of the plantar warts there are changes for the return of the warts in the foot.

These are caused by a virus. Simple foot surgery procedure is used to treat plantar warts. Since they appear in clusters, multiples surgeries may be required and hence the patient has to return to the surgeon for many times.

Soft tissue tumors called Neuromas also require surgical procedures for treatment. These neuromas are usually found in the third and the fourth toes. Surgeries are also used to treat ganglions and heel spurs. Many websites provide you information on the different surgical procedures done on the foot.


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