Cosmetic foot surgery

Cosmetic foot surgery is done by podiatrists to beautify the foot in some manner. Some of the cosmetic foot surgery is done to increase the convenience of the person so that they can wear footwear easily and properly.

Cosmetic foot surgery like toe amputation surgery is done by some podiatrists to enable the person to wear proper footwear to suit their interests.

It is found that some women amputate their toe to wear some footwear like high heels. High end footwear like Manolo and Jimmy choo’s are worn by some women by going for a cosmetic foot surgery like a toe amputation surgery.

In a cosmetic foot surgery like a toe amputation surgery the actual work done is not toe amputation but the toe is split and the bones inside the toe is removed so that the muscle is flexible to suit footwear easily.

Footwear with pointed toes cannot be worn by all women because some women have larger feet and they would not be pointing. If they try to wear such footwear it will hurt a lot and sometimes damages the front of the foot and it will be impossible to wear even the ordinary footwear.

Apart from that the skin some air to be in good condition. If the footwear is too tight without some air circulating in it, the toes may be infected. Foot problems like metasalgia and Merton’s neuroma are likely to appear.

To wear such footwear some of the women go for a cosmetic foot surgery which enables them to wear such footwear. With a cosmetic foot surgery women can wear this pointed footwear for much longer time without pain.

This is one of the reasons for women going for a cosmetic foot surgery. Instead of a pointed toe footwear if women change their liking for some other footwear that suits their toe they can avoid having a cosmetic foot surgery.

Apart from the cosmetic foot surgery there are surgeries that are performed to correct some problem in the foot. Correcting bunions, hammertoes, nail problems, warts, and benign tumors are done by surgeries meant for that purpose.

Cosmetic foot surgery is not common but now a days more people are into it, especially women. Another cosmetic foot surgery that is done is the collagen injection into the balls of the feet.

This cosmetic foot surgery is done if the balls in the foot worn out. It is found that collagen injections are not worth for giving you good results. Consult your surgeon for more information on these types of surgeries.


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