Foot surgeries

Foot surgeries are performed on a person for many reasons. The main reason could be to clear an infection or a medical problem. Some foot surgeries are performed for cosmetic reasons.

The foot surgeries that are performed for medical reasons are important than the surgeries done for cosmetic reasons. Nail deformities and fungus infections could be cause for some foot surgeries.

To clear these fungus infections sometimes you have to go for some foot surgeries. Bone spurs if occurs a foot surgery is essential to clear this deformity. After such a surgery the patient can bear the weight on their foot.

It is essential to check for some other problems like bleeding after a surgery. A visit or two is essential to confirm that everything goes fine with the surgical treatment offered.

Deformities like bunions are also treated with foot surgeries. Bunions are irritating and these have to be operated using foot surgeries. These bunions could be hereditary. It is found that more women are affected by bunions than men.

Foot surgeries are many for treating bunions. The severity of the bunion plays an important role in performing the surgery. Foot surgeries for bunions can be performed in a clinic or hospital.

Recovery from such foot surgeries may take between 3 to 8 weeks. The speed at which the patient recovers depends on the individual and it may vary from person to person.

Hammertoes are another problem that can be fixed through foot surgeries. A soft tissue or tendon surgery may be required to fix this problem. Foot surgeries are used to rectify the problems created by the plantar warts.

These plantar warts are caused by viruses. Even after a surgery the plantar warts can reoccur. Since most of the plantar warts appear in clusters more visits to the clinic may be required to clear them through foot surgeries.

Soft tissue tumors like neuromas are also treated with foot surgeries. A neuroma affects the third and the fourth toes usually. After a surgery for treating neuroma a patient can walk immediately.

Few more visits are necessary to change the dressings for a neuroma surgery. Ganglions and heel spurs are also treated with foot surgeries. Ganglions are sacs of fluid that appear on the sides or top of the foot.

Heel spurs are bone growth on the bottom of the heel. Apart from these surgeries, foot surgeries are also performed for cosmetic reasons.


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