Aesthetic foot surgery

An aesthetic foot surgery is the cosmetic foot surgery that is done on the foot for enhancing the appearance of the foot. These aesthetic foot surgery are done not for functional reasons but for cosmetic reasons.

For example a patient who undergoes a bunion foot surgery might have scars in her foot. If an aesthetic foot surgery is performed on this patient, it is possible to conceal the scar so that it is hard to find that the patient has undergone such surgery.

It is found more and more people are coming to perform an aesthetic foot surgery. This type of aesthetic foot surgery is a new addition to the cosmetic surgery world. Statistics reveal that more women go for aesthetic foot surgery than men.

Women who wear open toe sandals are among the mass that go for an aesthetic foot surgery. if there is no pain in the foot due to bunions there is no need to go for a surgery.

But some people feel inferior because of the bunions in their foot and they go for an aesthetic foot surgery to correct these problems. Foot surgeries also have complications and risks involved and an aesthetic foot surgery is no exception.

If the surgeon feels that there might be any complication or risk in performing an aesthetic foot surgery then the surgeon refuses to do that aesthetic foot surgery.

Many podiatrists refuse the request for a purely aesthetic foot surgery if they find there might be some other complications.

The most common aesthetic foot surgery requests that come from the patients are for treating bunions, hammertoes, and long toes. In reducing the long toes there is a need to remove some bone from the joints in the second toe.

This type of foot surgery is done purely for aesthetic reasons. All these requests are due to the changing fashion trends. Aesthetic foot surgery is done to build confidence in the person and they feel that they are not left alone in the changing fashion trends.

Performing an aesthetic foot surgery allows them to wear high heels with narrow toes and sandals with open toes. A person has to discuss with the surgeon about the aesthetic foot surgery and the expected result from performing such surgery in a part of the foot.

The surgeon would give you suggestions and also inform you of the risks and the complications involved in such a surgery. Choosing a surgeon with good experience in such surgeries is the key to the success.


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