Arthritis foot surgery

Severe foot pain and limitations of the movements are the characteristics of the person having rheumatoid arthritis. Skin breakdown or ulceration is found in some patients. Such patients cannot wear shoes.

Hence arthritis foot surgery is needed for such persons. Arthritis patients having deformity can also have arthritis foot surgery to keep them moving.

As a temporary relief some person may be using soft shoe inserts and braces. Even after inserting them they may feel the pain. Such persons can consult a doctor and if necessary proceed with an arthritis foot surgery.

Without arthritis foot surgery the patient may be using shoe inserts which are cushioned. This will provide them some temporary relief. Swelling and pain are frequent in such patients.

There are anti-inflammatory medications available for such patients. Without arthritis foot surgery the patient might lose the ability to walk.

Sometimes the foot is infected and there might be a need for amputation if the infection is left untreated for a long time. Since rheumatoid arthritis is a disease that increases over time and special care should be taken to treat it immediately.

Arthritis foot surgery can be done in two ways, one is arthroplasty and the other is arthrodesis. Arthroplasty is a surgical procedure that is otherwise called joint replacement and arthrodesis is an arthritis foot surgery procedure otherwise called fusion.

In the joint replacement arthritis foot surgery the joint is removed and the bones are joined using screws and plates in a former joint. Fusion or arthrodesis is used in midfoot or hindfoot arthritis foot surgery.

This is the common method to treat such arthritis affected areas. Removing part of the bone and rejoining them are part of the arthritis foot surgery procedures.

As with any surgical procedures the foot surgery also has its own disadvantages and risks. In fusion method of the arthritis foot surgery sometime the fusion may fail to be effective.

The screws may sometimes get loose and the deformities may reoccur. These are some of the common risks in an arthritis foot surgery. For persons infected with rheumatoid arthritis these risks are higher than the normal person going for a foot surgery.

Healing may be delayed in some patients and damage to the blood vessels are the other risks involved in arthritis foot surgery. You need not rush for an arthritis foot surgery unless you have an infection your foot due to rheumatoid arthritis. If an infection is found then you have to consult your doctor and if needed go for a surgery immediately.


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