Permanent facial hair removal - for some common reasons

Permanent facial hair removal is the option each and every men and women are on the look out. There is no need for worry.

Very effective permanent facial hair removal procedures are available now. Those aspiring women and men can get the benefit of those procedures without even an iota of doubt in their mind.

Men were depending on shaving for so many years for the removal of facial hair. Shaving will remove the facial hair immediately and is easy to perform, all that is right.

But the removed hair will grow faster and thicker as soon as the root of the hair is left undisturbed in shaving. Hence permanent facial hair removal is the best.

Facial hair removal methods

One should be aware of the facial hair removal methods that are in practice in order to understand the superiority of the permanent facial hair removal method. Waxing, threading and facial cream are some of the other facial hair removal methods.

Waxing was the other popular method that is in existence even now. The women were found of using this technique. The reason was waxing will make the skin of the face look softer.

The re-growth of the hair will happen not immediately as in the case of shaving. But some women dislike waxing as this is a painful affair.

Warm wax will be applied over the face and the wax layer is peeled off after allowing the wax to remain over the face for some time.

The peeled wax layer will bring along with it the hair present in the area. But the person will have severe pain because the hair is cut here, instead pulled out from the root of the hair.

Hair removal cream is the other option. But this is not permanent facial hair removal method. The popularity of this method is due to is easy application and effectiveness in removing the hair at least for some time.

The procedure is totally painless. The biggest disadvantage here is that the hair from the surface of the skin is only removed. In some people these creams can lead to rashes as these creams contain many chemicals.

Threading is the other popular facial hair removal option. This method is again not the permanent facial hair removal method. The biggest disadvantage in case of threading is that it is painful procedure.

Permanent facial hair removal methods

The laser and electrolysis are the two important permanent facial hair removal methods. In case of electrolysis the electrical impulse is used to remove the hair from the face once for all.

This method is painless and the hair removal is permanent. The only disadvantage is that it can lead to allergic reaction in some people.Laser facial hair removal is the best permanent facial hair removal method.

Here the laser produced from the equipment is used to destroy the root of the hair.The only shortfall of the procedure is that it can lead to darkening of the skin in case of over exposure.


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