Hair Removal Types & Needs

Hair removal came in to existence in order to improve the look and the appearance of the people.

In human being there will be growth of hair all over the body and the only exception is palms. The very purpose of hair is nothing but protection.

The hair on the head is to protect the skull from injury, heat etc. The hair present all over the body is to protect the body heat in winter by locking the hair between them.

However the presence of hair all over the body gives certainly bad look and with the advancement in the field of science, the protection of head and conservation of body heat can be handled by other means.

There are certain areas from where the people indulge in hair removal. They are face, legs, head, underarms, chest, eyebrows, pubic area, back, eyelashes and abdomen.

Hair removal types

There are two important type of hair removal. One is permanent and the other one is temporary. In temporary method, the people remove the hair by shaving, and trimming.

Removing the hair by using creams, powders and lotions also come under temporary hair removal. In this method the hair is removed above the surface area but the root of the hair is not removed.

In case of permanent hair removal, the hair is completely removed with its root hence the re-growth is not at all possible. The permanent hair removal is also known as epilation.

Hair removal by waxing, tweezing, threading, sugaring etc comes under permanent hair removal. Electrolysis hair removal and laser hair removal are also permanent hair removal methods.

What is the need for hair removal?

Social and cultural requirement are the reasons. Clean shaven face is appreciated in the work place as well as in social gathering as it will give fresh look to the person. Where as the bearded face looks gloom and gives sick look.

Then there are medical reasons. The person’s hair needs to be removed near the place of operation in order to avoid the chance of infection and also for better visibility of the operation site.

The women tend to grow hair in some unwanted areas due to hormonal imbalance. In such cases the hair must be removed to make them look normal.

Hair removal and trimming is must in police and military. Whether it is male or female, they have to trim the hair as per the rules and regulation of the academy [police or military].

Besides this in catering service as well as institute hair removal is practiced because the hair if consumed along with food will lead to serious gastrointestinal disturbances.


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