Permanent body hair removal methods - Do they really work?

Permanent body hair removal is not the difficult task as many people think. There are so many permanent body hair removal methods that are in existence at present.

All those methods are safe and simple. Even then the person who is opting for permanent body hair removal must enhance his knowledge about the methods, the advantages, the short falls and the precautions of the methods.


Electrolysis is one of the popular permanent body hair removal methods. This is a simple procedure by which the hair present in any part of the body is removed permanently.

Electrolysis is slowly gaining its popularity because of the so many advantages of this procedure.The person who is getting his hair removed from the body by electrolysis will not have any kind of discomfort.

This procedure is totally painless unlike the temporary hair removal methods such as waxing and threading. At the time of inception of this electrolysis method the persons had mild pain which is totally avoided in present day procedure.

By the by, it is better to take the help of anesthetics in case the part from which the hair needs removal is sensitive area such as bikini area.

There are few people who prefer temporary hair removal methods such as depilatory cream, waxing etc instead of permanent body hair removal such as electrolysis because of the possibility of getting allergic reactions. This kind of allergic reaction is possible only if the person is blessed with sensitive skin.


Laser hair removal is the other common permanent body hair removal method. This method is again very safe and effective. This method is also slowly and steadily gaining ground because of many plus points of this procedure.

The procedure is by and large is most popular. The laser hair removal clinics are available in plenty in and around the area in which the person is living be it any part of the developed countries such as America, Canada etc. Hence getting the service is easy. The cost of the treatment is also cheap in the long run.

This permanent body hair removal method can be used on any part of the body. But it is better get the opinion from the physician in case the person is having sensitive skin.

This is because over exposure can lead to burning or darkening of the skin. If the person who is handling the equipment is sufficiently experienced then this problem can be averted.


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