Laser hair removal information - How to Guide

Laser hair removal information can be got from science books, periodicals, bulletins, internet etc. one can consider this article as a brief guide for laser hair removal information.

Laser hair removal is as the name suggests removal of unwanted hair from the body using laser. What is the laser, one may wonder.

Laser is nothing but intense light rays. Laser is narrow beam of coherent monochromatic light. This laser is designed taking in to consideration depth, size etc of the hair follicle so that it is perfect for removal of the hair.

This laser beam can penetrate the skin and the hair follicle without any discomfort or pain to the person who is using this technology.

As per the laser hair removal information available so far, the laser beam can be used on any part of the body safely. The efficacy of the laser is more when the hair is dark and dense as the dark part will absorb more laser beam.

How does the laser hair removal work?

As per the laser hair removal information guides and articles, the laser beam that falls on the part of the body, penetrates the skin and reaches the hair follicle.

The hair follicle is considered as the root of the hair. The laser beam that is absorbed by the hair follicle gets converted in to the heat energy.

The heat energy thus generated decimates the hair follicle. Once the hair follicle is decimated, how can there be a hair growth again.

As per the laser hair removal information sources the alexandrite and diode model of laser hair removal is the best for skin that are light colored.

For the skin that is dark colored Nd-YAG type of laser equipments are the best. The technology of the above mentioned devices are based on sensitivity to the pigment.

One must remember that the technician who is operating the laser hair removal equipment must be highly qualified and experienced.

Some more laser hair removal information

As per the latest laser hair removal information based on the research papers, the hair removal is not permanent as claimed by many.

There is a possibility of hair growth in the same part after few years. The hair that grows again will be much thinner than the original hair. In order to avoid this, laser hair removal should be followed with electrolysis hair removal.

Some people do no get the desired result from the laser hair removal. The reason for this is yet to be ascertained by the medical community.

Laser hair removal is a painless operation even then some people prefer anesthesia. In that case the anesthesia should be strictly under the supervision of anesthetist.

As per the recent laser hair removal information source, the hair grows in three phases. In order to get the best result the laser hair removal must be performed for the period of eight to ten weeks.


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