Knowing the possible Laser hair removal risks

Laser hair removal technique is widely used in removing the hair from the unwanted parts of the body.

There are risks in any procedure. Like wise laser hair removal risks are worth considering. The person who wants try this latest technique should be aware of the laser hair removal risks so that it can be avoided.

Laser hair removal risks are not many. Even then those risks cannot be ignored. Recently two women in United States of America died due to over use of numbing cream before getting themselves admitted in the clinic for laser hair removal.

Though the occurrence of such incidence are rare and has no direct correlation with the laser hair removal procedure, these incidences should be kept in mind.

The most common laser hair removal risk is burning of the skin. The skin that is exposed to the laser will become darker than the other parts.

The main reason for this is over exposure of the skin or part of the body to the laser. This over exposure will result if the person or the technician who is operating the equipment is inexperienced.

It is the duty of the person to select the clinic that has experience in minimizing the laser hair removal risks. There are many reputed laser hair removal clinics present in United States of America and Canada such as pure laser. It is better get the required service from those reputed laser hair removal clinics.

Laser hair removal risks can be minimized if proper care is taken after the treatment. There can be slight reddening of the skin that is exposed to the laser beam. In some cases there can even swelling in the laser exposed area.

As a rare incidence crust formation is the other possible laser hair removal risk. Applying Vaseline is must in case of crust formation.

There are certain dos and don’ts to avoid laser hair removal risks. Direct sunlight is the thing that must be avoided in the area that was exposed to laser beam.

Severe or strenuous exercise the other think that has to be avoided. If Exercise and exertion avoided for two or three days then it will be of some help.

Pinching, plucking of hair and other minor damages has to be avoided in the area that was exposed to laser beam for few days.

If the above mentioned cares are taken then the laser hair removal risks can be avoided in total.


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