How Do You Decide the Right Hair Removal Product for You

Removal of unwanted hair is a very common practice among women and men. For this purpose there are various hair removal products available.

Let us discuss about hair removal products here.

Various types of hair removal products

Waxing is one of the hair removal products. Waxing is very effective as it removes the hair along with its root. Besides that the skin will appear smooth for about three to four weeks after the removal of the hair.

There are few shortfalls in waxing practice. The biggest disadvantage is that it is a painful condition. The person has to wait till the hair grows to half an inch length for the waxing to be tried again.

Shaving is the other hair removal product which every one is aware off. Shaving is the easiest way of removing the hair and can be done at home.

But the problem here is that the hair above the skin surface only is removed and the root remains intact. As the result the hair will grow faster again. The new growing hair will be thicker and denser than the original hair. Besides that shaving makes the skin very rough.

Hair removal cream is the other popular hair removal product. This cream application is preferred by many because it is effective and painless procedure.

The cream can be taken anywhere as these creams come in sleek looking tubes. The application is also very easy as one needs apply the cream just like any other lotion or ointment.

Here again the problem is that it removes the hair above the surface of the skin leaving the root undisturbed thus leading to re-growth of hair much faster. In addition to that this cream can cause skin reactions such as rashes in people with sensitive skin.

Hence it is usual practice to test the cream for skin reaction by applying it at the back of hand for any adverse reactions. The cream needs to apply in places like face, leg, hand etc after testing it only.

Laser hair removal is by far the best hair removal product as per the opinion of many dermatologists. This is permanent hair removal product because the follicle of the hair is destroyed using laser.

This is painless procedure. This procedure proved to be cheaper as there is no need to remove the hair again and again as in the case of shaving and waxing.

Electrolysis hair removal is the other effective and popular hair removal product. Here the hair removal is permanent as the root of the hair is destroyed using the electric impulses.

Though the expense is more when compared to the other temporary hair removal methods, in the long run this is the cheapest as there is no need to repeat the procedure . One must remember that the investment is one time.

The hair removal products are plenty in the market. We have discussed only about few that are popular. There are advantages and disadvantages in each procedure hence it is left to the person to choose the one that he prefers.


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