How to Guide to Home laser hair removal

Excess grown hair is a problem of both men and women.

The hair present all over the body is not the symbol of feminity and hence regretted by all women without any exception. Home laser hair removal is one of the effective methods of solving the excess hair growth problem.

Laser hair removal is permanent hair removal method as the hair follicle is destroyed using the laser beam. There is no chance of re-growth of hair in the same area in the life time of the person.

This home laser hair removal is not as easy as the shaving, waxing etc. one need to understand the procedure and the equipment well before trying in at home. The laser can damage the sensitive parts such as eye in exposed unnecessarily for a long period of time.

The risk taking [trying it at home] is certainly worth as the home laser hair removal is very effective and the person will be absolutely happy about the results.

Waxing is the other effective hair removal technique, which can be tried at home. Waxing is nothing but applying the hot wax over the area which needs hair removal.

After allowing some time to pass, the wax layer has to be peeled off the area. One can notice the hair coming out from the body of the person along with the wax layer.

There are few shortfalls in this method. Waxing is very painful technique. The other problem is that the hair above the skin surface only is removed leaving the root of the hair not at all harmed in any way.

As the result the hair will grow again from the follicle after some time. The person may need to do waxing again. For the waxing to be very effective the hair length must be at least half an inch, which means the person needs to wait till that time.

Home laser hair removal is considered to be certainly better than home hair removal by waxing. The reason is that the hair follicle is destroyed completely leaving no scope for re-growth of hair.

Besides that the home laser hair removal is one time procedure and there is no need to repeat it in the same area. Of course one must be more cautious while trying home laser hair removal technique because of the risk of exposure to laser [sensitive parts].

The person must be absolutely patient and there cannot be any sense of urgency while trying the home laser hair removal procedure.

The person must read the instructions carefully that are provided in the equipment or in the brochure before trying it on the body. Once that is done the results will be exemplary.


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