Ear lobe Surgery

Wearing jewelry has been an important part of people’s life from time immemorial. Both Men and Women like jewels and ornaments and wear them in order to beautify and gratify themselves.

Ear jewelry also forms an important part of this. People tend to wear rings, posts, studs and other kinds of ornaments from the earl.

Different parts of the ears are also pierced in order to hold and hang these.Some of these activities can also result in damaging ears in many different ways.

Such problems can be caused by accidents or sometimes due to other reasons also. The wound or scar, becomes a major problem as it is noticeable and cannot be covered easily

In recent days, the problem however has a simple and effective solution. Plastic surgery be performed in ear lobes and is usually very simple and less complicated than plastic surgery performed elsewhere on the body.

Ear lobe surgery can easily fix the problems mentioned above and help a person get back to normal social life in a very quick manner.

Better news for those having only problems in their ear lobes, is that compared to a plastic surgery that involves the complete ear, ear lobe surgery is even simpler.

The main work involved in ear lobe surgery is to fix the ear lobe in case there are any cuts are tears. This is done by bringing the two separated portions of the ear lobe together and might involve stitches during the surgery.

Care has to be taken to ensure that the patient is not left with ugly scars on the ear lobe after the surgery.After the ear lobe surgery care must be taken to wash and clean the wound.

This has to be done at regular intervals and can involve soap. Water is to be used along. Dressing are not required. Normal antibiotic ointment is enough in most cases.

After about a week of the ear lobe surgery, the stitches are removed if the lobe has been drained completely.Ear lobes are a very important body feature for women who love to wear jewels on their ears.

Unfortunately, sometimes it can be torn by accident while removing or wearing an earring.Such a case can cause a lot of misery and heart-ache as it deals a double blow in not allowing the women to wear their favorite jewelry, and also not able to cover the scar or wound and thus having a big impact in their social life.

Ear lobe surgery gives an excellent opportunity to such women to recover and retain their confidence and even get back to wearing heavy jewelry over the ears.


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