Cosmetic surgery ears

Cosmetic surgery for ears has been becoming very popular during recent years. Problems related to the outer ears, like protruding ears, large ears, ears that stick out from the head or tear in ear lobes and other deformities cause tensions and issues to people during social interactions.

Since deformities and issues related to ear appearance are very visible, they tend to cause embarrassment to people. Apart from this fact, people (mostly women) also regret the loss of a chance to wear earrings

Cosmetic surgery for ears is one of the commonly performed surgeries and is normally a very simple and safe procedure compared to cosmetic surgeries on other parts of the body.

In cases where the outer ear shape and size has to be changed, the surgeon normally makes an incision at the back of the ear, at the place where the cartilage is present.

In some cases the surgeon will cut and shape the ear cartilage in order to bring it to the required look. In other cases however the cartilage will not be cut, but it will be bent and stitches will be made to hold it in required positions.

During cosmetic surgery for protruding ears, they will be pinned back to the head if required. Normally in case of cosmetic surgery, even if one ear has a problem, both ears will be operated upon and shaped in order to obtain symmetry.

Cosmetic surgery might also be required in case the ears have problems or tears in the lobes. In these cases the surgery is even simpler.

Local anesthetic will be used during the surgery and cuts and stitches will be made in the ear lobes and they’ll be brought together. Care should be taken during the cosmetic surgery such that ugly scars are not left behind on the patient’s ears.

Cosmetic surgery being a very simple procedure, normally local anesthetic will be used over the ears. In certain cases general anesthetic might also be used.

Either-way there is no need to retain the patient in the hospital for a long time. Mostly, the patient will be able to walk away from the surgery.

Care should be taken after the cosmetic surgery in order to protect the ears. Large bandages might be required initially after the cosmetic surgery to hold the ears in place and also to protect them from infection etc. Later these will be replaced by lighter bandages.

In certain cases, the stitches will be absorbable and so removal will not be required. Patients should also take care not to indulge in activities that cause bending or severe stress during the recovery period.In some cases, it may only be possible to wear the head band at night.

Rarely, a bandage may slip during the post-operation period and may cause one ear to heal in a slightly different position compared to the other. This kind of problem might necessitate a minor correction which can usually be done under local anesthetic.

As seen above, cosmetic ear surgery is a well understood and well practiced procedure that is being performed on thousands of people every year. People emerge from the surgery with renewed confidence and a transformed look.

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