Ear Pinning Post Surgery

People have been affected by various problems of the ear. These are either related to the outer ear which impact the appearance of the ear and the face, or related to the middle ear or inner ear, in which case it is mostly related to hearing loss.

Ear appearance problems are related to protruding ears, big ears, ears that stick out of the head etc., and being a noticeable part of the face, cause a lot of difficulties and trouble to people as it leads to very embarrassing moments in social interactions.

Ear pinning surgery is the solution in most cases, when you post such a problem to the surgeon, as it is a very simple surgery. Further, in case of ear pinning surgery the post surgery procedures are very simple compared to other major ear surgeries.

During the ear pinning surgery, the surgeon will make a small cut behind the ear. This is the place where the hard cartilage will be present. Normally this cut will be placed behind the ear.

In some cases it might also be placed in front. The cartilage will be cut and modified according to the desired results. In some cases, cartilage will not be cut, but will be bent, folded and stitches will be used in order to change the shape of the ear and also to move it closer to the head.

In most cases local anesthetic will be used and the patient need not be admitted to the hospital. Thus ear pinning surgery is a very simple and safe surgery in most cases and so post surgery recovery is also simple and quick.

After the ear pinning surgery, the patient will normally be able to walk away from the operation unlike other major surgeries where post surgery procedures are very demanding.

After the ear pinning surgery, the surgeon will explain the post surgery procedures and care that is to be taken to the patient. Ear pinning post surgery procedures normally consist of wearing a tight bandage over the head to provide support for the operated ear.

After a couple of days, stitches might be removed and a lighter head dressing will replace the heavier one. After the ear pinning surgery, normal activities can be resumed in about a week’s time, but post surgery precautions would include avoiding activities that will bend or affect the ear or activities that might cause extreme pressure or stress to the ear.

These have to be avoided for several months.As can be seen above ear pinning is a simple surgery and normally the post surgery procedures are easy to follow and recovery times are very low.

So this can be performed on an adult or child (after doctor’s approval) and the patient can regain their self esteem and social life


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