Middle ear surgery

Ear surgeries have been solving touchy problems for patients for a long time. Ear problems include embarrassing ones related to the shape and size of a persons ear or more severe problems of infection , deafness etc.

Which might be caused due to genetic disorder, accidents or severe stress on the ear.Ear surgeries can be performed in the outer ear, middle ear or the inner ear.

Whereas outer ear surgery is mainly related to shaping and sizing the ear cartilage after making small incisions if required, Middle ear surgery is more related to the ear canal, the three bones of the ear and the ear drum.

Problems corrected by the middle ear surgery can be related to infections in the middle ear that require ear tube surgery, or perforations in the ear drum or issues related to the malleus, incus or the stapes bones.

In most cases, Middle ear surgery requires the surgeon to make incisions in order to gain access into the ear and also in certain cases to place implants. In case of ear tube surgery, the surgeon first makes a small incision in the ear drum to remove the fluid that is present.

Then a small tube with collars on both ends will be placed to prevent further fluid buildup. This is a very simple and safe surgery and has been practiced from the mid 50s.

In other cases, middle ear surgery is more complicated and might involve microsurgery. Here advancement in laser technology is proving to be a boon to both the patients and the surgeon involved in middle ear surgery.

Laser technology allows to the surgeon to make small punctures instead of large incisions to gain access. Further in a normal case, lot of vibrations can be caused during the surgery when the surgeon tries to sculpt or remove the bones with the help of tools.

These can cause problems to the patient, and can be the reason of causing dizziness, ringing of the ears etc. By using laser, the vibrations are reduced to a large extent and thus help the patient by reducing the severity and frequency of dizziness or ringing occurring after the surgery.

Laser also helps the surgeon to perform surgery in a more minute, effective and accurate manner. Middle ear surgery have been solving many problems for patients over the years.

These have been well practiced and are generally very safe. Recovery periods from middle ear surgery vary between weeks and months based on the complexity of the problem and the surgery.


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