Cosmetic Ear Surgery

Ear deformities or irregularities can cause major problems in people, as they pretty obvious and are very easily noticed by others. Deformities in the outer ears like big ears, ears that stick out, and floppy ears can be the very troubling as these are very conspicuous.

During conversations, it can become very annoying and embarrassing, when you can notice that the attention of others darting over to your ears and back.

Cosmetic ear surgery can be a major boon to those suffering from such problems.The problems can be more severe in case of children as they might have to undergo severe teasing and trouble from their classmates and friends.

Cosmetic ear surgery can help them solve this problem and gain a lot in terms of their self-esteem and self-confidenceThe primary focus of cosmetic ear surgery is on the outer ear.

It focuses on defects related to the size and shape of the outer ear. Most of the defects that occur hear are the result of the presence (or absence) of the cartilage in the upper part of the ear.

This is the part where the ear connects to the scalp. A simple cosmetic ear surgery involving outpatient procedure will be able to fix these easily

Cosmetic ear surgery is a pretty famous procedure to correct deformities of the outer ear. According to some estimates, around 26000 cosmetic ear surgeries have been performed in 2003 of which a majority is done on an outpatient basic.

Such a cosmetic ear surgery is mostly done at the surgeon’s office itself. These are mostly done with local anesthetic itself and normally take about 3 hours.

Patients undergoing such a cosmetic ear surgery can be up and walking immediately after the completion of the surgery.

After cosmetic ear surgery, the ears may be covered with a large dressing over the head which should normally be worn for a period of one week.

After that, it is advisable to wear a tennis head band for at least six weeks.In some cases, it may only be possible to wear the head band at night.

Rarely, a bandage may slip during the post-operation period and may cause one ear to heal in a slightly different position compared to the other.

This kind of problem might necessitate a minor correction which can usually be done under local anesthetic.

As seen above, cosmetic ear surgery is a well understood and well practiced procedure that is being performed on thousands of people every year. People emerge from the surgery with renewed confidence and a transformed look.

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