Ear pinning surgery

Ear deformities or irregularities can cause major problems, as they pretty obvious and are easily noticed by others. Irregularities in the outer ears like Floppy, deformed or protruding ears, can be the very troubling as these are very noticeable.

They become pretty obvious, and can create some embarrassing moments during social interactions. Usually, the sufferers were left with no choice but to to bear the problem and wish the embarrassing moments will pass.

But these days, advancements in Cosmetic ear surgery is proving to be a major boon to those suffering from such problems. They can help such people solve this problem and gain a lot in terms of their self-esteem.

Ear pinning technique is the usual solution for fixing ear deformities like those mentioned above, and it normally involves a minor surgery. During ear pinning surgery, the surgeon makes a small cut is behind the ear.

The incisions are generally placed behind the ear as the hard cartilage is present here. Occasionally the cuts may also placed in the front. During the ear pinning surgery the cartilage will be modified using cuts (sometimes sutures) and the ear will be reshaped.

Since this surgery involves on cartilage and skin, this is normally an outpatient procedure. That also means that only local anesthetic is made use of during the ear pinning surgery, and almost zero blood loss occurs.

Normally even if only one ear needs “pinning back,” ear pinning surgery will probably be recommended on both ears in order to achieve the most natural and symmetrical appearance.

The simplicity of the surgery procedure ensures that the recovery time of ear pinning surgery is extremely low. Most people are able to resume regular activities in a week or so. The surgery ia also normally very safe and simple and not many complications can occur.

According to some estimates, the average cost of ear operations is $2,500. This is of course, only an average, and is towards a tradition ear pinning surgery. For less complicated procedures like an earlobe reconstruction, the average price range was below $1000.

Immediately after the ear pinning surgery, the patient will be advised to wear a tight head dressing for two days, which will provide support for the operated ear and help in its healing.

After the first two days, the stitches are removed and the patient will be made to wear a head dressing that is lighter compared to the one before.

Most patients can return to their work in five days. Ear pinning surgery is a very safe. It has been followed for a long time and has been well-tested.

It is pretty simple and normally takes only few hours to complete. Patients do not required a long recovery period and are usually able to walk away from the surgery.


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