Ear drum surgery

Ears are a very important part of the body as they provide us with a primary function of hearing and also being a part of the face, they provide men and women a place and function to adorn themselves using various kinds of jewelry.

Hearing loss or problems related to ears tend to be very severe for the persons who experience it. Sometimes the problems are related to out ears – like ears that are of large size, protruding or some damage in the ear lobe or exterior ear.

In other cases the problems are in the inner ear, causing loss of hearing or pain etc.Some kinds of problems occur in the ear drum. These might be a hole or perforation in the ear drum or deposits of calcium or other kinds of issues.

Ear drum surgery is performed to cure patients with such problems. Patients having holes or perforations in their ear drum, usually suffer form some amount of hearing loss. Ear drum surgery might be performed to correct the problem.

The procedure involved in fixing the holes or perforations during the ear drum surgery might be different in case of smaller holes and larger holes.

In case of smaller holes the edges will be first removed and then a tiny piece of fat will be placed in the place. Blood vessels will grow into the fat graft and it the ear drum will become complete.

In case of larger holes, sometimes, the ear drum will be lifted during the surgery after removing the edges of the hole and a piece of muscle (mostly from the temple area) will be placed below the ear drum. The ear drum will be placed back during the surgery and will grow again, and the perforation will be closed.

In order to remove calcium deposits during the ear drum surgery, the skin in the surface layer of the ear drum will first be removed, and the calcium deposits will be peeled from the skin. The skin will grow back over a period of time.

In case of treating retraction pockets during the ear drum surgery, the ear drum will first be raised, in order to remove the retraction pocket. Later a piece of the ear cartilage might be placed, which will prevent the air pockets from forming again.

The ear drum surgery is generally very simple can be performed under local or general anesthesia. Recovery times are in a matter of hours and so people need not stay in the hospital for a long time.


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