Ear Surgery Recovery

Ear surgeries are getting to be very common these days, as it solves a host of problems for people with ear defects or deformities.

These surgeries are being conducted for sometime now and have been proven to be safe and normally simple.

The other cause for the popularity of the ear surgery is that, in most cases the recovery process and time are very minimal.Ear surgery recovery times and process depends on a lot of things.

Depending on the type of ear surgery i.e. whether it is cosmetic or more complicated and its complexity the recovery times vary between a week to 8 weeks or so. The recovery process also tends to be different in different case.

In the case of ear lobe surgery, recovery is very simple and the time is also less. During the recovery period, the wound from the surgery must be washed thoroughly.

Soap water can be used for the same. Dressings are not required and the stitches can be removed if there is no draining from the ear

In cases of ear pinning surgery, recovery times are pretty low about a week. After the surgery, the patient should wear a tight bandage on the head to support the ear.

After this period, a lighter head dressing will usually be given and the recovery times are about a week. In some cases the stitches need not be removed as they will be absorbed.

More intense reconstructive ear surgeries involve extracting skin and muscle from different portions of the body to form a new ear. These kinds of surgeries are difficult to perform and the recovery times are also much longer and painful too.

During the ear surgery recovery period, care should be taken not to indulge in activities that might involve bending of the ear, or can cause hurt or severe stress on the ear.

Piercing, hanging ornaments etc should only be done after the recovery is complete and after getting the advice of the doctor. Children must be handled and cautioned to be extra careful in their schools, play grounds etc.

Also in case of surgeries like inner ear surgery, patients might be advised to stay away from swimming pools to reduce the risk of infection during recovery periods.

Slight pain or discomfort might be felt in the days after the ear surgery and drainage might also be present.If the problems cause extreme pain or prolong for a long time, medical check-up is required.

In most cases, though the ear surgery recovery process is straight forward and lot simpler compared to other surgeries in other parts of the body.


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