Dental cosmetic surgery

A dental cosmetic surgery is performed on people who want to have clean white tooth without any stains and to correct the damaged tooth. You would have seen many personalites with more white teeth than yours.

It is because they go for teeth whitening process which one of the dental cosmetic surgery. People who are in public life or who are dealing with customers daily go for such dental cosmetic surgery since it is very important for them to keep themselves attractive when they smile.

Many kits are available in the market that can be used even at home. These kits that are used at home are not as effective as the dental cosmetic surgery.

If you have spaces between your teeth then you have to go for a dental cosmetic surgery.Dental cosmetic surgery is of three main types. They are whitening, implants and bonding, and veneers.

Whitening is a dental cosmetic surgery that is used to whiten the teeth. As our age progresses our teeth lose their color. To improve the color and make it come back to the normal we have to do the whitening dental cosmetic surgery.

The whitening process can be done at two levels. At the first level you have the surface whiteners. These are used to clean the stains in the teeth by cleaning the surface of the teeth.

The surface whiteners are available in toothpaste and chewing gums. The other level of whitening is through the deep penetrating whiteners that give a new look to your teeth.

For people who have chipped teeth can be treated by the dental cosmetic surgery called the bonding treatment. Composite resins are used to mold to the missing parts parts of the teeth.

These composite resins are made hard by the use of lasers or other light source. For fixing the missing tooth implants are used.Using implants if you fix up your teeth it would be very hard to find that difference between the implanted one and the real ones.

Such is the dental cosmetic surgery. The other way that is used in dental cosmetic surgery is the use of veneers.Porcelain veneer is used to hide the defects by covering the front of the teeth.

It is stuck to the surface of the front of the teeth. This is one way to cover up the stains and the gaps that are present between your teeth.

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