Cosmetic surgery risk

Like other surgeries the cosmetic surgeries that are done also has its associated cosmetic surgery risk. Without a risk there is no cosmetic surgery.

The cosmetic surgery risk depends on the type of the cosmetic surgery that is performed on a person.
Bleeding, hematomas, seromas, infections, skin reactions, suture reactions, wound separation, necrosis, and nerve damage are some of the surgery risks that have to be faced by the patients who undergo a cosmetic surgery.

Not all the risks that are listed above are experienced by a single person. Depending on the surgery that they have taken, the cosmetic surgery risk may vary.

The cosmetic surgery risk involved in an Abdominoplasty is blood clotting. The other risks are infections, bleeding under the skin, bruising, and poor healing.

For people undergoing a breast enlargement surgery the cosmetic surgery risk is the lack of permanence of the implant. Sometimes the implant has to be removed to treat some problems faced after the implant.

One other cosmetic surgery risk in a breast enlargement surgery is the increase or decreased sensitivity of the nipples and the breast skin. It is better to discuss the cosmetic surgery risk involved in a surgery with your doctor before you take up the surgery.

Similarly a person undergoing a breast lift may have the nipples positioned differently and they may not be even. Wide scars are also a cosmetic surgery risk in such a breast lift surgery.

Our body treats the sutures as foreign bodies and suture reactions are a cosmetic surgery risk involved. Skin allergies are also a possibility and they have to be treated with antibiotics like Neosporin.

Wound separation is one of the cosmetic surgery risks involved. The incisions made may not close as expected. Uncontrolled blood sugar could be one of the reasons for such a condition.

Hematoma and infections also contribute to reduced healing properties. One other cosmetic surgery risk is that the tissue may turn blue or purple in color which is an indication of lack of oxygen to the tissues.

Due to lack of oxygen the tissues may die. This is called necrosis. This may occur to some persons after a cosmetic surgery. People who smoke often face this condition.

Cosmetic surgeries involving collagen and fat injections also have risks like allergic reactions like rash and hives. Autoimmune diseases are also found in such persons. It is better to check the skin for allergies before the doctor proceeds with a cosmetic surgery.

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