Cosmetic surgery procedures

There are many types of cosmetic surgery procedures that are done on many persons to rectify some defects in some part of their body.

Some of the cosmetic procedures are combined with other procedures for the treatment to be effective. For example a person going for a face lift may also go for an eyelid surgery to that they also fix up the skin bags under the eyes.

Cosmetic surgery procedures like Abdominoplasty are used to tighten the skin around the abdomen after the person undergoes a weight loss surgery.

Foot surgeries also come under the category of cosmetic surgery procedures. Foot surgeries are mostly done by women for cosmetic reasons and men who go for a foot surgery do it for functional reasons.

Cosmetic surgery procedures like breast enlargement, breast lift, breast reduction are done on women to beautify their breasts. Women who are not endowed with good breasts can go for a breast enlargement surgery so that they can make it more attractive.

Sagging breasts are lifted using breast lift cosmetic surgery procedures. Women with more tissues in their breasts can go for breast reduction cosmetic surgery procedures.

It is not guaranteed that you will have beautiful breasts after such surgeries. Scars resulting out the breast surgeries cannot be avoided. General anesthesia is given for women before a breast surgery.

Most of the cosmetic surgery clinics do these surgeries, but it is better to select a surgeon who has more experience in these surgeries.

One other disadvantage of a breast implant is that the implant may not be proper and there may be a case where you have to replace an implant with another surgery. If there is any infection on the incisions, it may affect the implant also.

To treat the infection the implant has to be removed. Numbness of the skin on the breasts and the nipple is one of the side effects of having a breast implant.

Cosmetic surgery procedures for the face include collagen or fat injections. These are injected to give the face a full look. People with sunken facial skin can go for a collagen injection or a fat injection in their face.

Cheeks are made prominent using a facial surgery with collagen / fat injections. Cosmetic surgery procedures like Otoplasty are done to reduce the size of the large ears.

People with infection in the cartilage can also go for otoplasty. The recovery period from otoplasty is about one week. Hair replacement surgeries also come under cosmetic surgery procedures and these are done mostly in men with male pattern baldness.

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