Cosmetic surgery risks

As with any other surgery the cosmetic surgery risks are also to be considered before you go for a cosmetic surgery. You should know that none of the surgeries are without risks.

The doctor would always try to minimize the cosmetic surgery risks when they are performing the operations. If the surgeon is an experienced person he can correct the complications to some extent.

Hence when you go for a cosmetic surgery, you should consider a surgeon who is more experienced in that field. The cosmetic surgery risks depend on the type of cosmetic surgery that you are willing to undertake.

Collection of blood under the skin is called hematoma. This condition can be avoided if it is discovered early.Bleeding is also one of the cosmetic surgery risks.

The risk of bleeding increases if any work that is done increases your blood pressure. Controlling blood pressure is very important in the treatment of bleeding. During the initial hours after a surgery bleeding might occur.

If it is not treated it might lead to other complications like death of the tissue, separation of the wound and infections. Hematoma if left unattended it might lead to the death of the skin where the oxygen to the skin is cut off. Infection is one of the other cosmetic surgery risks.

To prevent infections from occurring antibiotics are often given during and after the surgery. IV, pill form, and ointment are the types of antibiotics that are used to cure an infection.

The choice of the type of antibiotics depends on the type of infection that your get. Symptoms of infections are foul odor, discharge in white or yellow color, and fever over 101 deg F.

Sometimes fluid may be collected in the area where the tissues are separated. This condition called seroma is one of the other cosmetic surgery risks.

Seroma leads to infections and it should be removed immediately. Using compression garments might suppress seroma to some extent. Enlarging of an area, fullness, and sometime weight gain are noticed during seroma.

Draining the fluid using a syringe and needle is also an option to treat that condition. Reactions to suture and skin are the other cosmetic surgery risks involved.

Suture granuloma and suture abscess are the reactions to the suture. choice of the suture material should be considered according to the patient’s history to avoid such complications.

Allergic reaction is also one of the cosmetic surgery risks.Allergic reactions to the cosmetic surgery can be treated using Neomycin, Neosporin and other antibiotic ointments.

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