Cosmetic eye surgery

A cosmetic eye surgery is usually performed to improve the tissues of the eye where the changes are due to the age progress. In some patients the cosmetic surgery is performed as a result of a medical condition. Uplift of the eyelid also comes under the cosmetic eye surgery.

For persons who had a eyelid tumor, a cosmetic eye surgery may be needed to set the eyelid right after operating the tumor.
Some of the skin of the upper eyelid may also be removed in the cosmetic eye surgery.

This is done since the excess skin in the upper eyelid may obstruct the view to a large extent.Changes in the tissue conditions are treated with a cosmetic eye surgery.

Changes in elastin of the skin, orbital fat, and laxity of tendons are some of the reasons for performing a cosmetic eye surgery.Drooping of the eyelids and the formation of the bags under the eye are also some of the reasons for going for a cosmetic eye surgery.

The conditions mentioned above can be treated with cosmetic surgery.Eyebrow lift and the corrections on the upper and lower lid are the commonly performed cosmetic surgery. The surgery for these corrections is called blepharoplasty.

Incisions are made to remove excess skin or fat. If you compare the Chinese and the Europeans there is a lot of difference in the skin creases. Proper care is taken to fix them even depending on the races.

For performing a eye surgery usually local anesthesia is used. In some cases of eye surgery a general anesthesia is used. Ice pads are used after surgery to reduce the swelling caused by the surgery. These also help reducing the bruising.

Vision is sometimes affected by a cosmetic eye surgery performed on the lower eyelid. This is not reported for the upper eye lid. This rare risk in the lower eye lid surgery is reported in 0.003% of the cases.

Application of laser is also used in a cosmetic eye surgery. These surgeries can also be performed without the use of a laser tool. The experience of the surgeon is more important in a eye surgery than the tool that is used for the surgery.

Hence when you go for any cosmetic eye surgery make sure that you are consulting a surgeon who has good experience in that field.

Generally the cosmetic eye surgery is not covered by the insurance. They can be covered if the surgery is performed to improve the vision instead of a cosmetic reason.

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