Lip reduction surgery

A lip reduction surgery is performed for persons having prominent and bigger lips. The bigger lip can be an upper lip or a lower lip. In patients that go for a lip reduction surgery the lips would be dominating the look in their face.

It is found that some people may have very prominent lips that they find it embarrassing when compared to others with normal lips.

A very large lip would also have a psychological negative impact on the person who is affected. Hence such persons go for a lip reduction surgery.

Such lip reduction surgeries are very rare when compared to person going for a lip enhancement surgery. The patient has to consult their doctor before they decide on a lip reduction surgery.

Physical examination is done on the patient before a lip reduction surgery. Even before the lip reduction surgery the patients are given vitamins and mineral supplements so that they can recover very fast after the surgery.

These vitamins and minerals taken, before a lip reduction surgery is not usually prescribed by all the doctors. Research has showed that these supplements surely improve the results after the lip reduction surgery.

A lip reduction surgery is usually done only during the adulthood. It is not usually done during their childhood days since there is still pending growth of their lips.

Only during the adulthood when all the growth has stopped you will come to know the actual degree of lip reduction that has to be done. During a lip reduction surgery the incisions are made inside the mouth so that others do not see the sutures outside.

This is one way to reduce the scars that appear as a result of the surgery.General anesthesia or local anesthesia is given to the patient before a lip reduction surgery.

The doctor usually decides the type of anesthesia that is given to a patient after seeing the history of the patient. Depending on the type of surgery that is performed on the patient the surgery can be done in the doctor’s office or as outpatient in a clinic.

A lip reduction surgery usually takes around 15 minutes. Infections are possible after the surgery and hence antibiotics are prescribed to the patient.

Swelling is possible after a surgery and applying ice to the area of the surgery can reduce this. Insensitive lips are also found after the surgery by some patients and as the time passes this will become normal.


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