Cleft lip (upper lip) surgery

Cleft lip is the separation in the upper lip. This separation of lip is found in children. This would have developed during the early stages of development even before the child is born. Statistics reveal that one in 800 of the babies have this defect.

Foraminotomy, laminotomy, facet thermal ablation and percutaneous arthroscopic disectomy are some of the laser spine surgeries that are performed.

The experience of the surgeon peforming the laser spine surgeries is important in a spine surgery. Hence you have to take care that you are in the right hands before you decide to have a spinal surgery.

Due to compression of the foramen the nerves are under pressure and such a condition is relieved using a surgical procedure called the foraminotomy.

The compression of the foramen can happen due to scar tissue, disc or bone. Excess ligament development could also be the cause for the nerve compression.

A pinched nerve is the result of such compression of the nerves. Such conditions are relieved by laser spine surgeries like foraminotomy.

Conditions like foraminal stenosis, pinched nerve, bulging disc, bone spurs, spinal arthritis, and sciatica can be treated with such laser spine surgeries.

Laser spine surgeries like foraminotomy are be performed using local anesthesia. There is no need for a general anesthesia. Such laser spine surgeries can be done as outpatient.

Some of the advantages of such laser spine surgeries are mostly there is no hospitalization required. Laser spine surgeries are minimally invasive and there is no blood loss.

The recovery time is also quick. Laser spine surgeries like laminotomy are performed in patient to increase the space for a neural tissue that gives pressue to the spinal canal and spinal cord.

Conditions like pinched nerve, bone spurs, spinal stenosis, herniated disc, scar tissue formation and spinal arthritis are treated using laser spine surgeries like laminotomy.

Facet thermal ablation are also treated using laser spine surgeries. The facet joint is cleaned using laser in this facet thermal ablation. The affected nerve is removed using these laser spine surgeries.

Conditions like facet disease, facet arthritis, facet hypertrophy, facet joint syndrome, and degenerated facet joints are treated using laser spine surgeries like this.

Percutaneous arthroscopic disectomy are also performed using laser spine surgeries. This surgery is used to remove the disc material that gives pressure to the nerves or the spinal cord.

As with any other surgery there are also complications with the spinal surgeries. You have to discuss these complications that can occur with your surgeon before you take up a surgery.

A surgery performed to correct this defect is known as the cleft lip surgery. A cleft lip surgery is performed during the early stages of the child life so that it is cured quickly. A cleft lip if unattended in a child it may create some psychological impact in the child.

Hence it is better to perform a cleft lip surgery at the earliest. However you have to consult your doctor for the right time to perform this surgery. Some children may have a cleft palate that is a cleft in the root of the mouth instead of the lip.

A lip palate surgery or a cleft lip surgery is done to correct these problems. You should keep in mind that a cleft lip surgery would help your child greatly to lead a normal healthy life.

The severity of the cleft lip could vary from child to child. A slight notch could be seen in the red part of the lip (upper) in some children whereas in some children that notch would be severe so that the lips are clearly separated.

Moreover the cleft or notch can appear on any side of the lip. A cleft lip surgery is the only option to correct these defects in the children. A cleft lip surgery is usually done when the child is 2 ½ months old.

Many cleft lip surgeries are being done around the world. Since this a defect that is found even before the child is born, it is the duty of the parent to do a surgery for their children so that their normal life is not affected in the future.

Performing a cleft lip surgery to your baby is a bit tedious and it is very difficult to maintain the baby after the surgery. There is every possibility that the baby may rub the stitch that is made during the surgery.

During recovery from the cleft lip surgery the child should have elbow restraints so that the child is prevented from rubbing the stitches.

Absorbable sutures are used during the surgery usually. Otherwise the sutures are removed after around five days. Since the child is so young, it may be difficult to feed the child.

Mothers should get the advice of the doctors on the ways to feed your child. Scarring is possible in the upper lip. During the initial stages after the surgery the scars as a result of a cleft lip surgery would look prominent and in due course would be reduced but not entirely.


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