Cleft lip and palate surgery

A cleft lip and palate surgery is done on child usually after the child is 2 ½ months old. A cleft lip or palate is formed in the child even before the child is born. A cleft lip is one which has a split in the upper lip.

This is because the upper lift do not meet. This phenomenon might also happen to the root of the mouth and it may cause a cleft palate.

A cleft lip and palate surgery is done on such child who has these defects in the lip or the palate. Sometimes the lip and the palate surgery are combined so that the treatment is effective on the child.

Statistic show that one in eight hundred babies have this type of defect. The lip and the palate develop separately in the child hence there is every chance that the child may have both the defects in them or only one.

A cleft lip and palate surgery has to be done on child having a lip or palate cleft in them. This is essential for the child to help them lead a normal life as others.

If you do not treat them the child may also be psychologically affected when it realises that it has the defect. Lots of professional help might be needed to raise these childs.

After having a cleft lip and palate surgery the child may find it difficult to feed. You have to consult your doctor on how to feed the child. Speech therapists may also be needed to help the child who is to undergo a cleft lip and palate surgery to speak properly.

Parents should discuss with their surgeons about the procedures to that they need not worry about the consequences. Sometimes these children may also have problem in hearing for which the services of a hearing specialist may be needed.

Cleft lip and palate surgery needs a team of professionals to get the desired result.A cleft lip surgery is required to close the split in the lip and a cleft palate surgery is required to close the split in the root of the mouth.

Only after joining the cleft in the palate the child may be trained to speak properly. Suppose the desired result is not got with a cleft lip and palate surgery a second operation may be needed.

A cleft palate surgery is a tedious procedure and it may require a separate surgery around the age of 1 ½ years.

In a cleft lip and palate surgery the surgeon may make incisions on both sides of the cleft palate so that he can pull the muscles to the center to joing them.

Elbow restraints are used in the babies to prevent them from rubbing the the stiches dones during the surgery. Swelling will be there after the surgery. Antibiotics are also given to prevent any infections.


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