What is Fat lip plastic surgery?

A fat lip plastic surgery is done on patients who have very big lips and want to reduce the size of the lips. The fat lip plastic surgery can be done on both the upper and the lower lips. The looks of the lips is important for any person.

It reveals the youthfulness in the person. Women are more conscious about the looks of their lips. A fat lip plastic surgery is done to remove the excess tissue in the lips.

To accomplish this incisions are necessary. Incisions made in the lips can be outside or inside. Depending on the type of incision made there may be very little or more scarring.

Incisions are made on the outside of the lips only in older persons where there is minimal scarring.Usually the incisions are made at the base of the nose inside the mouth in a fat lip plastic surgery.

Skin that are found in excess and the tissue are removed in a fat lip plastic surgery. Sometimes the skin on the above of the lip is removed and this is usually not recommended as it may leave scars after the fat lip plastic surgery.

Wound infection could happen in some cases of fat lip plastic surgery. But wound infections are very rare. Separation of the wounds might also appear in such case there might be a need for another surgery.

You have to discuss with your surgeon on the type of surgery that you may require. Your surgeon would also give you information on the complications and the risks associated with the fat lip plastic surgery.

The type of anesthesia that will be given to you might also be discussed.Most of the cosmetic surgeries are not covered in the insurance policies, but you might check with your insurance company for possible coverage of the surgery.

Checking out the type of surgeries that are covered by the policy helps you in cutting down the expenditure for a fat lip plastic surgery. The fat lip plastic surgery can be performed in an office environment or in a clinic.

Discomfort after a fat lip plastic surgery is moderate and these discomforts can be controlled by medications. Usually antibiotics are given to the patient to avoid any future infections.

The fat lip plastic surgery usually takes from ¼ hr to 1 hr. local anesthesia is usually used for the surgery. The recovery period from the surgery is also low in a fat lip plastic surgery.


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