How to Beat Bypass Heart Surgery

Beating bypass heart surgery is a method of bypass heart surgery in which the heart is never stopped to perform a surgery. In this beating bypass heart surgery there is no need for a heart-lung machine which is required to pump blood in case of conventional bypass surgery.

Surgical procedures are so advanced so that a beating bypass heart surgery is performed without any interruption to the heart’s function. A beating bypass heart surgery technique has not completely replaced the conventional methods. These are evolving techniques. It is found that a beating bypass heart surgery has some benefit over the conventional type of bypass heart surgery.

For performing a beating bypass heart surgery a system called the Medtronic Octopus System is used. This system consists of a Tissue Stabilizer and a Heart Positioner. With this system a small portion of the heart in which the beating heart bypass surgery is to be performed is held by reducing the motion in that area alone. Thereafter the beating bypass heart surgery is performed by sewing the graft in that area. Suction is used to retain the beating of the heart and this avoids the need for a heart-lung machine.

There are many benefits of performing a beating bypass heart surgery. The first one is to avoid the need for a heart lung machine. Since the hear-lung machine is not used the cost of the surgery is also reduced significantly. Thus the use of other blood products is also reduced and postoperative complications are reduced. The period of stay in the hospital for the patient is reduced to nearly 1/3rd of the conventional method of bypass surgery.

Blood transfusion is reduced drastically since bleeding is reduced in a beating bypass heart surgery. Thus by reducing blood transfusion the diseases that are blood borne are avoided. Moreover there is no need to worry about the demand for getting a particular blood group. The neurocognitive functions are found to be better in case of beating bypass heart surgery than the conventional procedures. High risk patients who have diabetes, history of heart attack and other renal problems are the right candidates for a beating bypass heart surgery.

If the patient’s condition is unstable during a beating bypass heart surgery the surgeon can also revert to the conventional surgery with the help of a heart-lung machine. Discuss with your doctor to find which surgery might be useful and beneficial to you both in terms of functionality and finance. After discussing you might opt for a right type of bypass surgery.

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