Bypass Heart Surgery - How Complicate it is?

The bypass heart surgery is the most frequently performed major operation in USA. Although the surgeons involved in the bypass heart surgery have extensive training in these surgeries there are factors that are to be considered to reduce the bypass heart surgery complication. The bypass heart surgery complication is higher for patients who are above the age of seventy.

Among the patients it is found that woman have the higher risk and bypass heart surgery complication than the males. The bypass heart surgery complication for a person who has undergone previous heart surgeries is higher that the first time a person is undergoing the operation. People with medical conditions like vascular diseases, renal complications, lung disease and diabetes have more bypass heart surgery complication.

The patient has to discuss with their surgeon about the possible bypass heart surgery complication for their age and then proceed with the surgery. The possible bypass heart surgery complication and risks are a heart attack during a surgery. Occurrence of stroke for people who are over seventy years of age is one bypass heart surgery complication. Death is also found to be the risk in about 2% of the heart bypass surgeries.

Infection of the wounds is a possible bypass heart surgery complication for person who have diabetes or who are obese. Infection is also possible in person who earlier had a coronary artery bypass grafting. Symptoms like chest pain and fever are likely to occur in about 1/3rd of the patients. This is called a post-pericardiotomy syndrome. Medications are given to treat this syndrome.

Neurological side effects like loss of mental clarity and memory loss are reported and this is one of the bypass heart surgery complications that are found in some patients. In some cases of heart surgery there may be a need for blood transfusion. Hence the patient itself is allowed to store his blood in a blood bank prior to the surgery. You can discuss with your doctor for this. Availability of proper blood that suits you is important.

Relatives and friends are urged to donate blood in case there is a need for that. As with other surgeries the risk of anesthesia is there in a heart surgery also. Bypass heart surgery complication due to anesthesia is also not ruled out. Proper diet should be taken after a bypass heart surgery. The patient should avoid smoking and improve the physical activity. People with family history of heart attack should take extra precautions to control diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity. Bypass heart surgery complication like hemorrhage, irregularities in heart beat, thrombosis, and pleural effusion are also possible.


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