Valve Replacement Surgery Risks

valve replacement surgery risks

When Valve Replacement Surgery is performed, there are few risks that the patient should face after the surgery. This article discusses those Valve Replacement Surgery Risks.

List of Valve Replacement Surgery Risks

The major risks and complications found after Valve Replacement Surgery are:

• Complications of Valve Replacement: Main complications found after value replacement surgery are vomiting, nausea, allergic skin reactions etc. Heart attack, kidney failure and stroke are other major complications found.

• Bleeding followed by Surgery: If the bleeding followed by the surgery is very severe, the patient should undergo blood transfusion.

• Risk of Heart Attack: Even though the risk of heart attack is very rare, it usually occurs in every 4 members out of 1000 procedures.

• Infections after Surgery: Even though presently sterile techniques are followed in surgical procedures, infections are common to occur after surgery.

• Stroke after the Surgery: 4% of the patients have the chance of experiencing a stroke.

• Lung Problems after the Surgery: Serious lung related problems are usually found in patients. Very common among them includes: Bleeding, Lung failure and Pneumonia. These problems can occur mostly in patients with existing lung related problems.

• Irregular Heart Rhythms: This is another problem found in about approximately 5 persons out of 100 who underwent the surgical procedure.
• Formation of Abnormal Scars: Abnormal Scars are another complication found after surgery. But even the people with the formation of abnormal scars following the surgery can have good surgical results.

• Complications due to Kidney Problems: Mild kidney related problems can be usually found after the surgery and it is seen in approximately 20 patients out of 100. The patients can have moderate to severe problems related to functioning of kidney.

• Risk of Medication: Complications can be due to the medications also. If any allergic reactions are found due to medications, it can be solved by discussing with your doctor.

• Wound Breakdown: Wound Breakdown is yet another risk found and it is caused mainly due to severe infections or swelling and it can even take months for the healing.

• Valve Failure: The failure of valve is also found and it is mainly due to the formation of clots in the valve.

• Valve Infection: Infections can be caused in the valve after the surgery but it is very rarely found.

• Other risks: In addition to these risks, breathing problems are found. If the patient is pregnant or breast feeding then the patient has to inform to the doctor. If the patient is sensitive or allergic to any medications, iodine, latex, shellfish or contrast dyes then it should be informed to the doctor well in advance.

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