How Open Heart Bypass Surgery is Perfomed?

Blockage in the coronary arteries invite you for an open heart bypass surgery to make the blood flow in the artery smooth. Blockages are due to deposits of fat in the lining of the artery. The passage of the artery is reduced due these fat deposits.

This reduces the blood flow and it reduces the supply of oxygen and blood to the heart. In due course this will lead to pain in the chest and eventually lead to heart attack. To avoid such consequences an open heart bypass surgery is performed in which the blocked segment of the artery is bypassed so that the blood is made to flow smoothly without over burdening the heart.

The open heart bypass surgery is the most frequently done surgery in USA. Experienced surgeons are available for performing these open heart bypass surgeries.

Multiple grafting is also done in an open heart bypass surgery is the blockage in the artery is in multiple segments. It takes around six hours for performing an open heart bypass surgery. The patient undergoes the operation with general anesthesia.

During an open heart bypass surgery, access to the heart is necessary and hence the chest is made open and the ribs are spread apart. To maintain the circulation of blood and the breathing activity a heart-lung machine is used.

Experimental surgeries without a heart-lung machine are also now practiced in some cases where the heart is allowed to perform its functions while the operation is being done. This kind of surgery is under experimental stage. This type of open heart bypass surgery is called the beating heart bypass surgery.

This beating heart bypass surgery reduces the risks that are neurological in nature such as memory loss and mental clarity after the surgery. Moreover the patient is required to stay only for a shorter period in the hospital when compared to the conventional open heart bypass surgery.

Before undergoing an open heart bypass surgery some patients who have rare blood groups are requested to bank their own blood so that it can be used in case of a requirement for blood transfusion. Their friends and relatives are allowed to bank the blood and have them in reserve before an open heart bypass surgery.

The success rate for an open heart bypass surgery is around 98%. As with other surgeries there are also complications associated with an open heart bypass surgery. Discuss with your surgeon to know about the complications that you are likely to have.


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